Solar Charger Φ25 (umbrella add-on)

The Φ25 Solar Charger is a product that can operate independently after the installation, using the sun and solar power. The innovation is in the design of it, which allows implementation without restrictions and is adapted to umbrellas, cabbanas and other shading constructions. In an era where the use of mobile and tablets is necessary on a daily basis, the problem of shortage of battery is becoming more and more acute, leading to the “anxiety syndrome of lack of battery”. Φ25 gives immediate solution, by using energy which is inexhaustible and renewable because of the sun.



1. Solar production of over 500mah/hr to devices while feeding the built in battery at the same time

2. 100% waterproof and dustproof (IP64)

3. Featuring Intelligent Charging System

4. Compatible to any USB device (smartphones, tablets, electronic cigarettes, LED)

5. Built- in battery can charge up to 5 devices on average from 0% to 50% 

6. Dual USB socket with lid for protection

7. Certified product by CE, FC, RoHS.

8. This product has been tested on a 18 month basis to all weather conditions, maintaining its overall performance

The «Φ» Process

This is some information about the services we offer

  • we measure

    The initial process involves technical measurements and calculations. We come on spot in order to have a real feeling of the already existing environment. This way we get a better understanding of your needs. This involves sunrise position, area of occupation etc.
  • We optimize

    Following the initial calculations, we go back to our lab for further evaluation. Our job in this step is to personalize our service so as to fulfill your needs for the upgrade of your facilities. we look for the best suitable utilization and optimise it for you and your clients. That is when science takes over.
  • You enjoy

    After we are done with our work, it is time for you and your clients to enjoy your new facilities. An upgraded environment that serves even better the needs of your costumer. You have entered the new era of premium and elevated accommodation. Sit comfortably and enjoy!


It is a company that stands for innovative ideas in the field of technology

We are a company that uses technology for the benefit of the people. We provide full service in different locations, like beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants, ship decks, public places, but also any place that the customer may want. Offering qualitative services in a fully extended clientele, which is steadily expanding, covering all ranges of their needs, the costumers now have the immediate ability to charge their devices (smartphones, tablets) at any given time.

We get our motivation from everyday problems that we ourselves have experienced and we implement our technical know-how not only to overcome, but turn them to advantages.

Target Group

Ideal for installation in all indoor and outdoor areas such as:

  •  Hotels
  •  Restaurants
  •  Cafeterias
  •  Beach Bars
  •  Resorts and Recreational areas
  •  Malls
  •  Cottages
  •  Swimming Pools
  •  Playgrounds
  •  Sports Venues
  •  Event spaces
  •  Vacation Homes
  •  Public Spaces (Parks, squares etc)


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